Reuben Paterson



edition of 15 + 5 APs

screenprint and glitter on 640gsm archival paper

755 x 755mm square

Artist statement

Interlaced kōwhaiwhai of the mangōpare hammerhead shark and the mangōtipi white pointer shark weave together as genealogical markers, on a genealogical journey.

Kōwhaiwhai take us on a visual journey where their own genealogy of swirling curls come to represent short journeys. These expeditions are literal, spiritual and metaphorical excursions between all parts of the meetinghouse, reinforcing the intimate genealogical and holistic relationship between humankind and our environment.

The genealogy of these two kōwhaiwhai, the mangōpare and mangōtipi weave together as an invocation and whakapapa to Tangaroa through the colours of the Pacific Ocean and the unions of grey from the mixing of the more traditional colour shades of black white and red. As two interlaced patterns they come together at spaces of intersection like the oceans kiss at Cape Reinga or the line of shore and sea and ocean and horizon. They are sky and land, and whakapapa back further to the primeval parents Rangi and Papa.