Reuben Paterson



edition of 30 + 5 APs

glitter on 600 gsm deckle edge paper

image size: 910 x 740mm

paper size: 975 x 765mm

Blessing (jaguar) and Prayer (zebra) are hand finished in glitter, echoing the same precision and technique of his glitter paintings. These are the latest additions to Paterson's collection of the exotic animal that marked a significant leap into the 3-dimensional space of sculpture. 

The issue of depth is an ongoing concern of Paterson’s work, which uses light to animate and open up painting’s flat pictorial plane and to challenge the assumptions we make of a fixed image. Increasingly, Paterson has questioned the parameters of the painterly surface; fixing foil in flight, incorporating photographic depth and creating large, installation-scale works that implicate the viewer more than ever before.

Animals come loaded with their own meanings, that encompass mythology, shamanism, natural selections and survival of the fittest - I'm interested in the idea of the exotic when viewed out of their natural habitat… and then that the glitter adds a mystical element that makes the animal revered… which may link to the religious titles. - Reuben Paterson, April 2014